We-Vibe 3 Review

We-Vibe 3 Review

We-Vibe 3

Originally, I sought out the folks at We-Vibe to try to get a Tango so that I could review it, and because everyone was telling me just how bad ass it was. Well, while talking to We-Vibe.. I was offered the chance to also review the We-Vibe 3. We-Vibe sent both items out, and I’ve been biding time to hopefully find a willing pussy for the We-Vibe 3 to be thoroughly checked out. No pussy has been discovered, so alas:

This is my unbiased solo male review of the We-Vibe 3 by We-Vibe, provided in exchange for the product.

What is the We-Vibe 3?

We-Vibe 3 design

The We-Vibe 3 in hand, spread as it would be while inserted.

The We-Vibe 3 by We-Vibe is billed as the “world’s most popular vibrator for couples” and is a C-shaped vibe intended for wear during sex. The toy itself is wireless and completely waterproof, though I can’t attest if the control is or not. Yes, it has a wireless controller to switch vibrations while being used.
To use it, one end of the C is inserted into the woman’s pussy (hopefully resting on her g-spot) while the other end rests on her clit, as so:

How to use We-Vibe 3But, there are other methods of use as well! I spent some time literally just playing with the We-Vibe 3 and trying out different uses for it. More details in the Experience with We-Vibe 3 section!

What Is The We-Vibe 3 Made Of?

Silicone. At least the other part of the toy. It feels like there is hard plastic under the silicone skin in both vibey ends. The control (yes, it has a wireless controller to change vibrations!) is plastic, as is the “luxury storage box” (very dental office looking white plastic charging box) that charges the toy when you sit the toy correctly inside.

We-Vibe 3 On Charger

We-Vibe 3 Charger/Case Opened

We-Vibe 3 Charger/Case Closed


How Is the We-Vibe 3 Operated?

The We-Vibe 3 has a button to control it on “the nose of the exterior massage pad” of the C shape (the part with the logo, because let’s face it: logos inside the body wouldn’t be good product placement)

We-Vibe 3 Button

We-Vibe 3 Button

or it can be controlled with the handy dandy remote that is supposed to work up to 10 feet away (realistically, I saw maybe a foot and a half of range with the remote and I know some women have complained the range is even less than that… or the remote does nothing at all).

Regardless of a spottily regarded remote, it has 6 different vibe functions:

1  LOW  3000 rpm VIBE
2  HIGH  5500 rpm VIBE
3   WAVE

To cycle through the speeds and patterns, you just press the button on the We-Vibe 3 itself, or on the remote (the remote only has a single button!)

Lube Compatibility, Care, and Maintenance for We-Vibe 3

Water based lube is the only guaranteed safe bet here, but you can certainly spot test with your favorite silicone lube! I recommend staying away from oils as most oils can cause nasty vaginal issues.

To clean the We-Vibe 3, stick with a good quality toy cleaner, a 10% bleach solution, or hot water with antibacterial soap. Normally, boiling it or tossing it in the dishwasher would be acceptable… but that could damage the internal electronics.

As far as maintenance: Use it, clean it, keep it on the charger… and it will always be clean and ready to use.

My Experience With We-Vibe 3

Again, I’d like to state that I tried this solo. No available partner to test it with, but I will revisit this review when I have a woman to try it with. I tried it a few different ways:

  • Anally, like a prostate massager: It felt great, but this toy isn’t designed for prostate play and I felt like it could slip inside easily. I don’t recommend this, and probably shouldn’t have tried it. Neither should you, and if you do you are doing so at your own risk.
  • As a general purpose vibe: (on nipples, cock shaft, balls, perineum): It felt alright, but it’s just not really meant for this either. The vibrations are meant mainly to stimulate a woman while she is being penetrated. (A lot of toys can be used by whoever and are only marketed towards women. This toy is really MEANT for female genitalia.)
  • Inserted into my Fleshlight Lady Lager: This was the closest to the intended purpose I could get, and I wanted to be able to offer up a 100% male perspective on the We-Vibe 3. All in all, it felts pretty damn good. I can’t help but think adding a soft texture to the bottom side of the interior arm of the toy would be a great idea, and if the vibe in the interior arm was more rumbly it would be better. Even as it is, the vibrations transferred reasonably well through the We-Vibe 3 to the top of my cock, and it felt pretty good. The patterns are all pretty cool, but the high setting felt best.

We-Vibe 3 Verdict and Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s a nice little vibe… but I feel like even though it is billed as a couple’s vibe this is meant only for the woman. For the going price on this, I feel like a couples vibe should provide a bit more sensation to both parts of the couple, and not just the woman. That being said: I love it when my woman gets off with me inside her, and the potential for that to happen that the We-Vibe 3 affords may just be worth the price. The remote to control the toy is spotty at best, and I feel it could be improved… if it says 10 foot range, it needs to be at least  half of that in the heat of the moment.

Ladies and Gents that are in a relationship: Grab one. It does feel good even despite it’s flaws, and the vibes to her clit and g-spot will definitely add some heat to your sex life.

Single folks with female genitalia: You’d probably be better advised to grab a Tango and dedicated G-Spot vibe.

Single folks with male genitalia: Save your money. You could get something that will work better with your anatomy and still pick up another decent clit vibe for what this costs.

To pick one up, visit We-Vibe.com, Lovehoney, or Nitetime Toys!

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  1. pottersproperty

    My husband enjoys this even more than I do, so I feel you saying it’s still only designed for female pleasure is incorrect. Everyone will obviously have different experiences with this product, but stating that it’s marketed toward couples but is only a woman’s vibe, isn’t true in general. I hope when you’re able to use it with someone else that your experiences are better with it.

  2. ImaGodiva

    Nice male-perspective review. This is one of my favorites. It fits well (sits on my clit perfectly, but the inside bit rests just below my G-spot – although it still gives good G-spot stimulation during sex or when used with another toy). I do like to use it by myself with a curved G-spot vibe (my favorite combo is this and the Picobong Moka), when I feel like a slow build-up and a hands-free clit vibe (agreed it’s not as good as others such as Salsa/Tango or my fave Je Joue Mimi, but the hands-free option is nice). It’s also nice during sex with my husband. He can take it or leave it, it doesn’t stimulate him much. Keep it and give your next partner a nice little surprise. 🙂

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