TongueJoy Review

TongueJoy Review

Recently, I reached out to JJK Industries to try to get a new TongueJoy for review, and they happily obliged in exchange for a free unbiased review. I should clarify before hand though, that I bought one of these a few years ago and fell in love with it, so while my review will be unfiltered… I have a lot of love for this little product.

What is the TongueJoy?

The TongueJoy is an oral enhancement vibe. It comes with both a barbell and battery set up, and a way for those without pierced tongues to use it as well.  When I bought mine several years ago, it was $70… I was a noob when it came to toys and thought I had gotten a wonderful deal, but now you can get the same kit I got then for $19.95 direct from the manufacturer here: TongueJoy

It comes with:

  • 1 TongueJoy Oral Vibrator
  • 1 Variable Speed Turbo Pack It only has an On and Off switch.
  • 1 Surgical Stainless Steel Barbell
  • 3  Love Gloves
  • 3 Multipurpose Elastic Silicone Bands

The main part of the toy is the TongueJoy vibe. Everything else is just attachments! The steel barbell is for those with pierced tongues, and the elastic bands are for those without… but the bands are also wonderful for holding the TongueJoy on a finger, cock, toy… pretty much anything you could want to strap a powerful microvibe to! The Love Gloves are…. gimmicky at best. The kit when I bought mine had some wonderful little sleeves to slide over the vibe, but now they are all the same color and have some very basic textures. Also included is the “variable speed turbo pack” (it’s wonderful… it gives you a way to power the TongueJoy on 1 AA battery, and really does TURBO this little vibe. It’s way more powerful on the turbo pack, but I miss the variable setting from my first one.)

What is TongueJoy for?

At it’s most basic, it’s for adding vibrations to your tongue to make oral sex better. The little silicone rings that are included make it great for use on any other cylindrical shaped object you could want vibrations with, and the biggest ring even works as a mediocre cock ring!

How does TongueJoy work?

The TongueJoy vibe is one part of the toy, and then there are 2 ways to power it. One, is the little watch battery power pack that screws onto the vibe itself.


TongueJoy Vibe Unit

The Threads on the Vibe are fit the watch pack and the turbo pack.


This gives you one consistent vibe level, and is best for oral use.

The other: The turbo pack. It holds 1 AA battery:

TongueJoy Turbo Pack

and has a wire running from the pack to the “outlet” for the vibe itself. On the power pack is a simple slider switch. Simple On and Off, where the kit I bought a few years back had 3 settings. There aren’t any colorful directions or even text on the battery pack, and it’s really quite discreet. The Turbo pack for TongueJoy can be used during oral, but you’ll have a long wire hanging out of your mouth. I prefer the TongueJoy turbo pack when I am using it as a finger bullet or cock ring… but I’ve got a pretty fuckin intense gag reflex.

Outside of power options, there are of course the “love gloves” and the ways to attach to toy to different appendages or implements.


TongueJoy Rings and Love Gloves

Love Gloves and Rings


Cleaning and care of the TongueJoy

This thing is SUPER simple to take care of. The TongueJoy vibe itself is stainless steel and water proof, so you can just use toy cleaner or hot water and antibacterial soap to sanitize it. The love gloves and rings are made of silicone, so they can be boiled for 3 minutes, hit with a 10% bleach solution, cleaned with soap and water, rubbing alcohol, or your choice of toy cleaner.

Both battery packs for the TongueJoy should be handled with care. I highly recommend only wiping the outside surfaces of them with toy cleaner or hot water and a rag. The turbo battery pack isn’t water proof (Fix this JKK!) and the little screw on watch battery pack is waterproof while attached to the vibe, but not on it’s own… so be careful with them around water!

Experience with the TongueJoy

I’m a huge fan of oral, so any thing I can use that can enhance that is worth a try in my book. My tongue isn’t pierced, so I’m stuck using the rings to hold it onto my tongue (tip: use the smallest ring that will fit your tongue and slide it as far back on the tongue as possible) but it still works wonderfully. It occasionally gags me, but that isn’t the fault of the toy. My biggest issue with the whole set up is the worry about the watch battery pack coming off and getting swallowed in the heat of the moment or my teeth getting chipped, but I’m a worrier. In all the years I’ve had the TongueJoy, the only issue I’ve had is losing the attachments to my first one, and considering that I moved 5 times since I bought it and had a box of sex toys stolen… that’s not even a big deal. This thing works exceptionally well to get your partner off orally, and usually speeds things along pretty quickly. Another great way to use it: Holding it somewhere that needs stimulation during sex.. be it your lovers clit, shaft, or perineum. It feels great! I love mine (I must admit, I use the old version more because it has different power levels and takes 2 AAs, whereas the new one takes just one. To me: More batteries= MOAR POWER!)

TongueJoy Closing Thoughts and Final Verdict

The TongueJoy is great, albeit a bit buzzy. It’s wonderful for pinpoint vibrations, can be used in SO MANY ways, and only costs 20 bucks for the Original Kit.  If you love giving or receiving oral and have an extra $20 laying around, consider the TongueJoy!

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  1. Camryn Jones (@RynJ21)

    This is sounds really useful. I love fellating my partner and he likes it when I add vibrations to my mouth as I perform. Like you though, I’d worry about swallowing the thing or something. It’d be cool to see a video of someone without a tongue peircing putting it on and deep throating just to reassure myself 🙂
    Still, adding buzz to your blowjobs for 20 bucks? I’m impressed.

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