Tantus General Review


Tantus General Review

Tantus General Review

Oh opportunities! The Tantus General has been on my list since I started reviewing products for Tantus back in July, and I got an oh so awesome opportunity to review it when one was found that wasn’t “inventory”. It was sent out in exchange for an unbiased review, and I am so glad to have the chance.

What Is The Tantus General?

The Tantus General is a beautiful hunk of Tantus 100% body safe phthalate free silicone, a dildo designed with a not so subtle curve and bumps to hit all the right places. Want your prostate prodded and massaged? What about your G-spot? The General was designed to do both, and we’ll get to the experiences in just a bit!

What Does The Tantus General Look Like?

Like a big black dildo:

Tantus General

Seriously though, Tantus did a pretty good job of designing a rather girthy (2 inches, at it’s widest) toy for strap-on or handheld penetration that is phallic enough to do the job, but not directly shaped from a real cock. No anatomical veins or ridges here, just a curve for pinpointing the spots where you need stimulation most:

Tantus General

How Can I Care For Tantus General?

Tantus manufactures some pretty hardy silicone. You can clean the Tantus General with hot water and antibacterial soap, toy cleaner, 10% bleach solution, by throwing it on the top rack in the dishwasher, or by boiling it for a bit.  (Still really want access to a lab to see if I can kill bacteria with UV without harming my toys in anyway, but hey… I’m a nerd.)

As far as lube compatibility: Water based lubes will work wonderfully with this for anyone to use, and for anal usage oil based lubes are perfectly acceptable (vaginal use of oil based lubes is risky. Consider this your warning!), and silicone lubes are hit and miss. In spot tests with my General and 3 different silicone lubes,  ID Velvet caused a visible change in the finish of the silicone, but the change wasn’t visible 10 minutes later. Spunk Hybrid and Liquid Silk (both water/silicone hybrid lubes) didn’t cause any reaction at all. You should always spot test your silicone toys with silicone lubes before using them, as I’ve had Liquid Silk cause permanent damage to the surface of other Tantus toys before.

Experience With The Tantus General

I’ve had the General for a long while, and only got around to trying it out a day or so ago… Fuck why did I wait so long??  I warmed up a bit (the thickest part of the head is 1.75 inches in diameter, just to be clear!) and then slowly got onto the main event.

Holy Fuck Shit Balls!

That “not so subtle” curve? Consider it a heat seeker for your prostate (and I would assume g-spot as well, though I can’t say “Yes, this will pound your g-spot into squirty submission”). The shaft of the Tantus General is also just flexible enough to move some during thrusting. This is pretty wonderful, because instead of feeling like I’ve been impaled on some sort of torture device it works with my body instead of against it (not naming names, but certain companies like to use “silicone” that is rock hard).

So… uh… yeah. It fucking rocks, at least for my purposes.

Ruling On Tantus General (or TL;DR)

The Tantus General is a pretty bad ass dildo. It is made of 100% silicone, and it is super easy to clean and care for. It does an exceptional job of hitting the prostate, and the girth is enough to give most a full feeling. It is a bit pricey at $135.99, but with proper care it will last for-ev-errrrrrr (meaning: $135.99 is better to pay once than to pay $35 every couple of months when that jelly dong you love goopifys in your toy drawer and ruins your other toys too)

If you’d like to pick one up, hit the banner below to grab one directly from Tantus!

Link to Tantus General

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  1. Camryn Jones (@RynJ21)

    Yay! I love seeing reviews of toys that don’t get much attention. The General is like someone I attend school with whose classes are in a different wing; I recognize him, but I don’t know much about him.
    Glad you enjoyed this toy. Those bumps sound good, but methinks I need more training to take this one.

  2. Heaven

    Yes, I love the way you talked about this toy I am glad you liked it. I love the fact you put the information in about those cheap jellie toys. Great review and this looks pretty bad ass too.

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