Tantus Anaconda Review

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Here, we find the Anaconda at rest in one of it’s many natural habitats.

About a month ago, Tantus sent me a box of badassery. This box included the Tantus Cowboy, Anaconda, Cush, and Cisco. I’ve played with all but the Cush and I’m finally getting around to working on reviews again. This is my unbiased review of the Anaconda, provided in exchange for said toy.

What Is The Tantus Anaconda?

tantus anaconda in hand for review

It’s big, but not incredibly so

It’s a sorta big (It’s not as big as Cowboy, T-Rex, or Amsterdam) dildo with a handle. It’s for those that are into girthy toys but haven’t stepped to the extra large caliber stuff.

What Is The Tantus Anaconda Made Of?

tantus anaconda in hand shot two for review

But no matter how you hold it, it still feels pretty damn large.

Tantus silicone, of course. Some of the safest stuff you can put in your body, as it’s hypoallergenic, non-porous, and completely sterilizable.

And How Big Is The Anaconda, Mr. Will?

tantus anaconda size comparison for review

For my visual folks

Well, it’s 1.75 gloriously wide inches thick and has “7” insertable inches. I’m calling bullshit, because someone that’s really dedicated to getting more of the Anaconda inside can certainly manage to take some of the handle as well. Not that I’ve done so, or anything…..

Tantus Anaconda Cleaning, Lubrication, and Storage Info:

Cleaning The Tantus Anaconda:

10% bleach solution, boiling, toy cleaner, soap and water, or the dishwasher. Pretty much if it can be used to clean a sex toy, you can use it here.

Lubing The Tantus Anaconda:

Water or oil based lubes are going to be your best bets, but Pjur silicone lubes seem to be fine. If you aren’t sure, do a spot test on the end of the handle or something. Use your brainal lobes.

Storing The Tantus Anaconda:

Well, it’s sorta long. Other than that, you’ll have to make this choice for yourself. Mine is laying on the floor next to the bed in a polyester sock.

My Experience With The Tantus Anaconda:

tantus anaconda in hand shot number three for review

Just a shot I thought was cool!

Okay, so I knew going in that the Tantus Anaconda was fairly large. It’s still something to behold when you peel it from it’s packaging and have a huge dick on a “stick” flopping around in your hand from the size and heft of the cock portion of it.

There’s also the fact that I’ve been fuckraztastiballs busy lately, so it’s taken a while to not only have the time to play but also to sit down and write out a review.

So I grabbed some lube blah blah blah blaghedy blah blah. There, we’ve got the part that goes in every review out of the way.

It took a little time to get warmed up, but once I finally got down to business with the Anaconda I was really enjoying it. A lot of straight dildos feel okay at best (they don’t really seem to hit any of the best places for me), but the Anaconda… Maybe it’s because there’s a handle and I don’t have to contort my big ‘ol ass as much to actually use it?

Regardless of the what or why, I really enjoy the Tantus Anaconda a lot. It’s not so insanely big that I’ll need an hour of warmup, but it’s big enough to get the job done in a pinch. The shaft isn’t all that textured either, so it’s not overwhelmingly stimulating.

Overall Opinion Of The Tantus Anaconda:

Tantus Anaconda Material:

Platinum cure silicone

Tantus Anaconda Features:

Thick, long, has a handle

Tantus Anaconda Price:


If you like larger than average play, the Tantus Anaconda is worth a look!

Overall, I am reallllly pleased with the Anaconda. It’s just big enough to leave me feeling satisfied without requiring too much warmup. I think it will prove to be a great buy for anyone looking for something thicker than the “average” penis for anal or vaginal play. It is a bit hefty and can wear your arm out over time, but hey…. If you keep using it, your arm will get stronger. All in all, I can’t recommend the Tantus Anaconda enough to those that like girthier play but haven’t moved further into the above two inch thick arena.

BTW: If you use code MRWILL at checkout on Tantusinc.com? 15% off YOUR ENTIRE ORDER!

The Breakdown

Material (Silicone)
Features (Handle, Thick)
Appearance (Dick on a stick)
Personal Score

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  1. Camryn J.

    I’ve heard that the Anaconda feels firmer than other Tantus toys so I’m wary of it, but I want a handled toy so badly and the shape is very appealing. Glad to hear you consider it a good intermediate diode; that’s definitely a point in its favor.

    Btw, Ryn likey the hand shots *grins*

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