Digital Painting:

All of the images that are “painted” (digitally painted with Corel Painter 12) on this blog are done by me, with the use of pictures as references.
I can do these paintings of your pictures as well, and if you ever wanted something BIG so you could print it and hang it on the wall, I can direct you to people that can handle large prints.

Prices for these types of paintings are negotiable. I know everyone has different budgets!

A few examples of the pictures I’ve painted recently:

Graphic Design, HTML and CSS Help

I’m not an expert, and I don’t have a degree… but I can help you for sure.

I have helped Beck, TJ, Property of Potter, Kinky Biker Mom and Shadowed Seductress all with the coding on their sites. Centering stuff, getting menus working… all sorts of things. I’m not an expert, so occasionally there will be things I can’t handle.. but I can try and let you know if I can fix stuff (without ever having access to your code!)

As far as graphic design, here are a few examples:

I’ve also done banners for people, and buttons for others.

Again: I can work with different budgets. I know what being broke is like, but I know what needing a bit of help is like too.

If you need help, hit me up. We’ll see what we can do!

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