Seagrape Soap Citrus & Wood Earthy Shampoo Bar Review

I jacked this picture from the Seagrape site and tweaked it to my liking.

I jacked this picture from the Seagrape site and tweaked it to my liking.

When I contacted Seagrape and they sent a few products out, I was happy to receive a bar of the Citrus Wood Earthy Shampoo bar they make. As per usual, it was sent out in exchange for an unbiased review.

About Seagrape’s Citrus & Wood Shampoo Bar

Seagrape bills the Citrus Wood bar as shampoo and shave bar. It’s actually soap as opposed to detergent based cleaners (Fun Fact: The FDA is pretty strict on what can actually be called soap), which means it’s generally going to be less harsh on your skin (hence it being okay for your face) and it will be less stripping to your hair. In short:

The Citrus & Wood bar by Seagrape Soap is real soap from natural ingredients and should be kinder to your skin than chemical based soaps designed to remove EVERYTHING they come in contact with.

What Is In Seagrape’s Citrus Wood Shampoo & Shave Bar?

seagrape citrus wood rough side

Mass production corporate molds? They don’t make edges like that, that I’ve seen.


The C&W bar by Seagrape is made of distilled water, saponified oils (coconut, palm, castor, jojoba, avocado, wheat germ), cocoa butter, mango seed butter, organic herbs, and an essential oil blend.

The Essential Oil Blend contains lemongrass, cypress, cedarwood, pine and pettigrain.

My Experience With Seagrape’s Citrus Wood Shampoo & Shave Bar:

seagrape citrus wood shampoo bar review bar in hand

Gratuitous hand shot, because I’ve been told that some folks get a kick out of my hands.

I had the bar for a few days before I snapped pictures, and then as soon as I had the pictures I wanted for the review I was in the shower with this bar. I know it’s described as a shampoo and shave bar but the ingredients list also reads pretty similar to that of a few soap bars I’ve picked up at pop up markets or in little apothecary shops, so I’ve also used it as soap.

Citrus Wood Bar as Shampoo:

I’ve always preferred bar soaps to liquid shampoos because they leave my hair feeling lighter and cleaner without stripping away all of the natural oils hair is supposed to have as a protectant. The C&W bar is definitely on par with pricier, but similarly crafted soaps. The one key difference I noted was the staying power of the scent from the Seagrape bar as opposed to some of the more artisanal (which in my mind really just means more expensive) soaps. The same scent profile I mentioned in my review of Seagrape’s Cedar Lime Beard Oil is here, which makes sense (Citrus Wood/Cedar Lime… Get it?).

Citrus Wood Bar as Shave Soap:

I didn’t do a complete shave, as I’m pretty attached to my beard. I did lather up though and trim/shave around the beard, and I have to say that the bar beats everything I’ve tried except for silicone lube. The soap does edge out silicone lube in one key way though… My face just feels cleaner after use.

Citrus Wood Bar as Body Soap:

I do really love natural soaps because they leave my skin feeling clean but not super dry. The Citrus Wood bar is much the same as other bars I’ve used, but there is one drawback here too…. The more gentle a soap is, over the course of several days I start feeling rather oily and that’s disgusting. I’m still pleased with the bar overall, but I feel like if I’m going to use it as a body soap it can’t be the ONLY soap I’m using.

Overall Opinion Of Seagrape Soap’s Citrus Wood Shampoo & Shave Bar:


The Citrus Wood bar by Seagrape is great at $8 and has an amazing scent.

I’m pleased with the bar, but wish it was a little tougher on body oils so I didn’t feel like using other bars. That’s no fault of Seagrape or the bar though, as it isn’t billed as body bar. The scent profile is spot on with some of my favorite scents ever, and I can’t recommend it enough for anyone that loves woodsy, natural scents. I think you should check out Lorax Of Sex’s review of a few of their more adult things here. You can grab a bar by hitting the banner below!


Thanks for sending it out, Seagrap!

The Breakdown

Ingredients (All natural, gentle soap)
Suds Factor ( Not a huge lather, but enough to feel great)

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  1. Elizabeth

    I’ve never heard of Seagrape, so thank you for bringing them to my attention! All I wanted during this review was to smell the scent. I’ve got a bottle of Perrier Grapefruit water in front of me, and the slight citrus smell was a small tease to what I imagine this soap would be.

    I’ve tried solid bar shampoos with my long hair and I’ve found it awkward. However, they had a huge foam factor and that may have been part of it.

    I also can’t remember the last time I used soap to shave – and according to your success it sounds like this may be a soft, less chemical way to go about it. Could I challenge you to shave half a leg to give it a broader area? Or even some delicate pube shaving? I’m curious how it performs in those more sensitive areas.

    • Mr. Will

      Generally if I’m shaving anything, I go hot water and a blade only so I don’t know how helpful my opinion of it for leg/pube shaving would be. I’m more than willing to give both a shot (I could shave a patch on one leg) if you’d like. I don’t mind giving either a shot if they’ll help you make a more informed decision.

  2. RynJ21

    Hmm. I’m looking into shampoo alternatives to be kinder to my hair and I know for a fact that my hair loves several of the oils in this bar. I shall have to investigate further.
    And thank you for the hand shot!

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