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Ryan Ryans Double Stroker Feature Image in Box Review

This is actually some of the less out there packaging I’ve seen. There’s no mistaking what it is, but it isn’t super graphic and doesn’t degrade someone for their race or any such thing.

A month or so ago, Topco Toyz shot a message my way to see about working together. I’ve been meaning to add some less expensive options (Quality sex toys are expensive!) that are still reasonably safe with informed and intelligent use and care. They sent out a few masturbators and I’ve been working with them (the masturbators) when I can to get a good feel for them and really know the in and outs (ba-dump-tis!).

This is my unbiased review of the Penthouse Ryan Ryans Double Stroker, provided in exchange for the product (in compliance with FTC regulations and standards).

What Is The Ryan Ryans Double Stroker?

Obviously, it’s a double sided stroker/masturbator for men. This info is pulled from Topco’s website:

• Molded directly from your favorite Penthouse model.
• CyberSkin® delivers amazingly realistic sensations and lifelike detail
• Textured inner tunnel provides explosive results
• Removable, open-ended and waterproof sleeve makes cleaning a breeze.
• Phthalate free and body safe

What Is Cyberskin?

Took a little searching to find a good answer, and it’s something I assumed anyway. Cyberskin is a TPR (thermoplastic rubber/resin) produced to mimic the feel of skin. In a statement by Desiree Duffee (who at one point worked for Topco, and I believe is now with Cal Exotics/Jopen), it was stated that:

CyberSkin is a Thermo Plastic Resin (TPR) and all ingredients in CyberSkin are on FDA approved lists. Additionally, CyberSkin contains no polyvinyl chloride (PVC), no heavy metals, and no latex. The importance of health, not only to the consumer, but also to Topco Sales employees, is paramount. Topco Sales uses non-toxic additives cleared by the FDA under Title 21 Section 178.2010 Code of Federal Regulation. As with all sex toys, Topco Sales advocates that the consumer should follow care and maintenance instructions.

Instructions for caring for cyberskin abound all over the internet, but the gist is this:

Use water based lubes, as oil/silicone lubes can fuck the material up.

Corn starch the toy once in a while. It will keep it fresh.

To clean it, use mild soap and water and rinse until all the soap is gone. Then you’ll want to put it somewhere with adequate ventilation so it can dry entirely (or else you can get mildewy smells and black mold spots growing pretty quickly).

Generally recognized safety info for Cyberskin:

Some folks will have a reaction to any material. Before you slide all 1-12″ of penis inside, rub the toy on somewhere that’s not going to be a huge pain in the ass if it gives you a reaction.

Don’t share Cyberskin with folks you aren’t fluid bonded with.

Always clean Cyberskin well before and after use.

How Big Is The Penthouse Ryan Ryans Double Stroker?

Ryan Ryans Penthouse Double Stroker IN Hand

About the size of my average sized male hand.

It’s not incredibly heavy, but it does have some heft to it. I’m waiting on exact measurements from Topco, but hopefully this picture is enough explanation!

My Experience With The Penthouse Ryan Ryans Double Stroker

Ryan Ryans Double Stroker review vaginal opening picture

Not the best labial mold I’ve seen, but still better than some of the stuff you see.

I’ve got to admit, that the way the toy is designed seems a little odd to me. The plastic “sleeve” for the masturbator seems like it was well intended, but in all reality… It just keeps me from having more control over how tight things feel around my head and shaft.

Once lubed up, the Ryan Ryans Double Stroker feels nice… Not realistic, but nice nonetheless. Inside the vaginal/rectal magic combo tunnel of orgasm extraction lays the oh so common nubby texture found in a large number of sex toys for the penis possessing members of society.

Ryan Ryan's double stroker review anal opening

But buttholes definitely do not look like this.

In use, the anal opening of the Ryan Ryans Double Stroker does feel a bit tighter than the vaginal opening. However, that difference is marginal at best once you’ve pushed through the “sphincter” and past the more sensitive nerves on the head of your penis. It’s a very far cry from the difference between vaginal and anal with your s/o, but I’ve yet to find a toy yet that can produce that different of a sensation made out of one hunk of the same material.

The bulbous end pieces that make this look like a fleshy sexual dumbell, especially when combined with the plastic tubule… When you are up to speed, the end you aren’t using tends to flop around substantially. I just kept seeing the inflatable things they use at car lots to draw attention in my mind. That’s not the sexiest thought I’ve ever had

If however, you are into rubbing your penis against another mans? That other end my just be perfect for you.

Cleaning the tunnel of the toy is straight forward. Lots of hot water, maybe finger fuck it for a bit until all of your whatever is gone out of it. Lube, cum… You get the idea. Once you pull the stroker out of the plastic tube though (Hey, seems like a great way to get it really clean… Right?), you are in for a world of frustration. You can in fact pull the stroker back into the tube, but it’s insanely irritating. Maybe if Topco had went with a side hinge (Flip Hole-esque… Maybe it’s patented?) it would be easier, but I really just hate trying to clean all of this toy.

Penthouse Ryan Ryans Double Stroker Final Judgement:

Overall, the Penthouse Ryan Ryans Cyberskin Double Stroker is nice. It's not perfect, but I haven't seen a perfect toy yet.

Overall, it is a nice product. It feels good, but there are a few flaws that could be fixed pretty damn easily if Topco ever decides to take the Ryan Ryans Double Stroker back to the design table. I’d recommend this toy to hardcore fans of Ms. Ryans, those that are just avid collectors of sex toys, and those with extra cash to take a chance on a masturbator.

If you don’t fall into one of those categories, maybe look at cheaper options with a nubby texture inside to see what you think first.

Each person is going to have their own opinion regardless, but I think this stroker is worth a look… Except for the flopping about that the end that isn’t in use is doing.

If you want to pick up a Penthouse Ryan Ryans Double Stroker, you can pick one up from for $49.99!

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