Liberator Wedge Review

liberator wedge review

There it is!

About 2 months ago, I heard through the grapevine that Peepshow toys was looking for someone to review some Liberator gear so I sent a message over. A few hours later, I was offered the Liberator Wedge in exchange for an unbiased review. This? This is that review.

What Is The Liberator Wedge?

liberator wedge features list for review

A nice little overview of the Liberator Wedge!

It’s a piece of “sex furniture”! It’s designed to make some positions easier and it also changes the angles for some type of penetration (which can make a world of difference!).

What Is The Liberator Wedge Made Of?

The Wedge by Liberator is made of high density foam wrapped in a water proof liner then covered with cloth cover.

How Can I Use The Liberator Wedge?

There are all sorts of ways. Pretty much, if you can imagine it it can be done on the Wedge. Here are a few ideas direct from the Liberator site:

How Big Is The Wedge By Liberator?


7 inches


14 inches

Diagonal length:

24 inches

Liberator Wedge Care and Storage:

Cleaning the Liberator Wedge:

You unzip the cloth cover and run it through the washing machine and dryer. The fluid proof inner cover can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Storing The Liberator Wedge:

Liberator makes a bag to store the Wedge in, but I just toss mine on the floor beside the bed or in my closet. Depending on your bed, you may be able to store it beneath the bed.

My Experience With The Liberator Wedge:

liberator wedge review tag and zipper

The tag and zipper

I seriously had the Wedge for 2 months before I got to use it with the oh so amazing woman in my life, but let me tell you:

It was worth the wait!

I asked her if she was up for trying it out and she grinned and nodded, so I grabbed it and a few other things. Of course, I love eating pussy so that’s what we started with first.

I laid her back on the Wedge and her legs just fell into the position I usually hold them in the “open” her up. That alone was pretty awesome, but then there was the fact that I didn’t have to contort my neck to get too all of her pussy and asshole.

She was wriggling and writhing in no time, but I had other things I wanted to use too so I paused and grabbed the Doxy Wand and my Vixen Creations Mustang and some lube. I handed her the Doxy and squirted some lube on her asshole, then fingered it in nice and slowly. Once she was warmed up, I lubed the Mustang and slowly pushed it as deep into her ass as I could. I lapped at her labia for a bit with the Doxy buzzing against my forehead until I couldn’t take it… I sat up, scooted forward, and buried my cock inside her. My body pushed the Doxy even firmer against her clit and my balls moved the Mustang in her ass.

In no time at all (due to her tightness and muscle spasms) I had a spectacularly world-spinning orgasm and collapsed to her side. I caught my breath and helped her have a pretty great orgasm herself before pulling a blanket over her.

“I want all of these.”

Needless to say, we both loved the Liberator Wedge for the ease of positioning it gave us. I did put her on her stomach on the wedge for a bit and play that way (It too was great), but I like to be able to see her face, so the majority of our play is with her on her back or on top of me and facing me.


Overall Opinion Of The Liberator Wedge:

Liberator Wedge Materials:

Polyurethane Foam, Microfiber Cloth, Polyester Liner

Liberator Wedge Features:

Waterproof, Very Versatile

Liberator Wedge Price:


I love the Wedge. I think you'll love the Wedge. Consider it for real!

Overall, I’m absolutely in love with the Liberator Wedge. I fully intend to get more Liberator stuff when I can afford to purchase it or can arrange for it to review because I’ve enjoyed the Wedge that much. It’s so versatile… I use it for sitting in bed reading, for a laptop stand when I want to watch a movie in bed, and of course for playing with a partner. At $80, it’s a little pricey but I definitely think it’s worth it. It’s even more worth it if you or your partner have joint pain or issues, positioning trouble due to weight (No judgement! Some folks are larger. I know I am!), or if you want to get deeper (the change in angle is MAGNIFICENT!). I do think I would enjoy the Liberator Ramp even more (Steeper incline), but the Wedge was a great place to start.

If you want one, you can hit any of the links throughout the review (except for the Doxy Wand or Mustang links), or click any of the pictures I took (not the ones directly from Liberator).

**Big thanks to Peepshow Toys for sending me a Liberator Wedge to review!**

The Breakdown

Materials (Foam, Polyester, Microfiber)
Features (Waterproof, Versatile)
Appearance (It's a simple shape)
Personal Score

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  1. Heaven

    I am glad you were able to try one of these out, I still have yet to get one and I so want one badly. One of these days.

  2. Come Heather

    Cool. I was sort of skeptical about the Liberator Wedge…I mean, it looks like a glorified pillow…but now I want one! I think it would actually be invaluable in my dungeon.

  3. Camryn J.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a negative review of the Wedge but this one really makes me want to get my own *fans self*

  4. Sheri

    As someone with mobility issues I always like to see reviews on products such as this one–it looks like it may help with positioning. Thanks!

  5. Mal

    I bought a few liberator shapes a while back but haven’t been able to use them due to my spouse being overseas. I kinda forgot my excitement about them, but you have just refreshed that! Thanks!

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