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Late last year, I heard some info about the Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl and was pretty intrigued. It took a long while before anything materialized, but finally the toys were released and the Kiiroo platform brought to the public. I, of course, shot a few messages around to try to get a set for myself to try out and eventually got a set in exchange for an unbiased review. This is that review, in compliance with FTC regulations.

Just What Are Kiiroo, Kiiroo Onyx, and Kiiroo Pearl?


Long story short, they are a teledildonic product line and platform designed to make long distance loving a possibility, albeit an expensive one. To learn more about teledildonics, check out the article I wrote for Kinkly here:

Cyber and Teledildonics: Where Sex Meets Tech

In the simplest terms, Kiiroo is a way to have sexual encounters with a partner anywhere on the globe (that they can connect to the internet) that go beyond your ordinary phone sex or sexting trysts. Both toys are bluetooth enabled, so they can be connected to your phone, tablet, or computer (some computers will require a bluetooth dongle, though these can be found incredibly cheap) and used for several different types of play.

Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl Specifics

Kiiroo Onyx Information


The Kiiroo Onyx is designed for penises… Kiiroo even partnered up with Fleshlight to try to get things right. What Onyx is, essentially is a new-fangled high tech bluetooth enabled masturbator for those with a penis in their lives. It’s fairly large (bigger than a full sized Fleshlight, which is one thing most Fleshlight users seem to mention is the overall size and heft of a unit), but rather non-descript. It looks pretty futuristic just sitting out, and the only way anyone would ever realize what it is is to pick the Onyx up and open it and play with it.

Kiiroo Pearl Information


The Kiiroo Pearl, on the other hand is the device that Kiiroo designed for those with vaginas (and maybe for butts too, but it certainly doesn’t look to be anal safe…). The Pearl is hard to mistake in it’s design and shape… It’s a vibrator and it looks like one. That being said, it’s a fairly simple and elegant looking design!

Ways To Use The Kiiroo Platform and Toys

 The Kiiroo toys can obviously be used solo. It would be very absentminded (in my opinion) to make any sort of sex toy that can’t be used solo!

Other than that, the Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl can be connected to your desktop computer (Apple and Windows only, as far as I’m aware) via bluetooth. From there, you and your partner (or yourself, or whoever) will have to figure out the connection end of it (you’ll need a unique passcode each time) and get set up. The program offers Video, Text, Audio and “tactile” communication (what you do with your Kiiroo device, your partner will feel on the other end… sorta.)

There’s also a third party app for Android and I-devices called App Of Things which makes Kiiroo usable with your cell or tablet, but as it’s a third party app and I only have one phone I won’t be bothering with any of that part of reviewing the Kiiroo toys.

Come to think of it, testing the Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl connected to computers will be a bit of a feat!

My Experience With Kiiroo Onyx and Kiiroo Pearl

Let me preface this with a short apology. I started this review about 4 days before I began a new job. That new job has required a LOT of my time and as such I’ve been incredibly slow working on this review. I used to shoot for a review of a product within two weeks after receipt. Now… Well, things will be a little slower.

Playing With Kiiroo Onyx Solo

I was beyond ecstatic to finally get a shot with Onyx, so when I received the two units I put both of them charging. The next evening I kicked back in bed with Onyx and set about playing. It’s definitely a different experience than I’m used to… The Kiiroo Onyx is heavy and unwieldy, but the idea is that once you are erect and inserted it does all (most) of the work for you. You turn it on and get to whatever you’ve got planned.

Sexy, huh?

It has 3 modes, actually (for solo, that is):

Manual Mode
Fast Pump
Slow Pump

That’s all there is to it for solo play really. In Manual mode, you control things with your finger on the touch sensitive strip on the front side of the toy. If your finger goes up, the little roboty arms inside relax from the opening to the end. Back down and they close from the end towards the opening.

Fast Pump and Slow Pump are what they sound like. The little arms that squeeze on the sleeve pump fast or slow and just keep going to you get there.

Using Kiiroo Pearl Solo

Didn’t happen, actually. I’m not comfortable with the shape of this toy for anal safety, so I didn’t use it personally. I did however charge it up and play with it with my girlfriend… She’s not one to open up for the world to see how her experiences were with a toy though, so we’ll be using my observations on the Pearl in my hands.

Kiiroo Pearl In Hand:

It’s an average vibrator in hand, and it has 5 patterns:

Slow, Faster, Fastest, Slow Pulse, Fast Pulse.

As far as the power of vibration, it seems to be a little more powerful than your average cheap-o vibrator, but it isn’t anything spectacular.

For more in depth information about the Kiiroo Pearl, check out Emmeline Peach’s review of the Kiiroo Couple’s set here.

Connected, Tested, Graded: Kiiroo Edition

All in all, connecting the Kiiroo toys was pretty straight forward and seemed to work well. There is the Pleasure Hub for those using the Onyx, but here’s the deal:

I just don’t like the Onyx. The most fun I had with the Onyx was when I left the expensive part (the machine) on the charger and masturbated with just the sleeve. It’s loud, it’s not as intuitive as I’d like, and I feel like the shot fell short of the mark… The little grabber arms that are supposed to simulate the feel of thrusting barely simulate the feel of anything. I think I get more sensation laying on my back with a boner and the fan pointed at my crotch (I kid, but seriously… The Onyx is a let down.)

The Pearl… Well, it could have been more. As it is, it’s an average vibrator wrapped in a luxury skin. It doesn’t even have what I think would be an absolute necessity in a system like this for couples:

The Pearl transmits to the Onyx, but at this time the Pearl doesn’t receive signals from the Onyx and therefore the partner using the Pearl doesn’t get to feel what the partner using the Onyx is doing.

The Kiiroo Platform

The Kiiroo Platform is the best part of the whole “system” here, and should be kept. Everything else should be redesigned from the ground up. A couple’s toy system should stimulate both parts of the couple, not just allow the Onyx user to ALMOST feel something similar to what their partner is doing.

I’d also like to see a dedicated Kiiroo app for Android and I-Phone if only because a Kiiroo set is expensive enough that it should be included.

Overall Opinion Of Kiiroo Pearl and Onyx Couple’s Set:


Silicone, ABS Plastics


$369 for the Pearl/Onyx set

$468 for an Onyx/Onyx set

$249 for an individual Onyx

$149 for an individual Pearl


Kiiroo Platform for long distance play, Rechargeable

All in all, I’m going to say that I just can’t recommend the Kiiroo toys YET.  Hopefully, as time goes by and tech moves forward the toys will be able to advance to a stage where they are worth it. For now though, I’d recommend Skype and your own best combination of Fleshlights/Tengas and vibrators. Thanks, Kiiroo for sending them out! Keep working on them, they can be so much more!

If you want to grab any Kiiroo toy or set, visit

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  1. David

    I’m just curious as to whether you tested out the Onyx/Pearl over long distance? You don’t mention it in your review, so I assume not – but you know what they say about assuming…!

    • Mr. Will

      Can we count living room to bedroom as long distance? I didn’t know anyone that both had a Kiiroo toy and that I’d feel comfortable testing with. I’d assume though, as nice as the platform seems to work that as long as the connection was good that it would work as well as it does from one room to another.

    • Mr. Will

      I do feel like a letdown for not testing everything entirely, and for ont having pictures but I’m also in the middle of a move and just wanted to get this forsaken review finished!

  2. kinkybikermom

    I have also been so busy I have missed some of the memes between school doctor’s appointments and other misc things I run out of time more often then not bit this week I am on the ball I am a head on everything for now…I’m sure that will change in a matter of a few days…lol

  3. Pete James

    Was disappointed with the Lovense Max and hoping that this one would be loads better but looks like they both need a lot of refinement before being great. And that price tag…smh going to be a long while before I’d even think of investing in one.

  4. Heaven

    I have been seeing these around and wondered how well they worked too. Guess I will wait on even thinking of grabbing any of these until they fix the tweeks. I am sure you have been very busy it happens to the best of us. I was just thinking about you not that long ago and wondering where you been. Glad to see you still around.

  5. Camryn J.

    I remember hearing about this. Pity it’s not that great. I’m actually really disappointed in the looks of the vibrator; I was hoping for something futuristic looking *laughs*

  6. Mal

    Looks boring. Still not sure how the distance thing is supposed to work. What makes it different from a regular sleeve and vibrator. How can the other person “feel” what you are doing. I am just confused by these long distance products.

  7. Anonymous

    It has been updated to the point that you can now control the pearl with the onyx. The phone apps are kinda working. The onyx is not keeping up with the video and I use a gallaxy S7. In all its a let down for the most part. I got it for 99.00 in a sale with 5000 credits for there own feel porn videos.

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