High Def Ultra Realism (Some Shitty Male Written Erotica, Cause That’s All Dudes Can Muster Apparently)

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I wrote this a lonnnng while back for an anthology I hoped to be a part of, but unfortunately never heard more than a few whispers about afterwards. I’d forgotten it, much like I’ve forgotten many things in the recent months… but thanks to the wonders of anxiety and random mind racing before bed, I remembered it a few nights ago.

I’d also apparently deleted it from my computer, so it took me a while to locate it in an attachment I’d sent to friend…

It’s not very polished, and it’s not totally finished.

Erica walked into the room, dropping the towel around her waist as she flicked the light switch. Her skin was so fresh and clean from the hour she had just spent pampering herself… She had went so far as to exfoliate every little bit of her body, taking her time for the first time in years.
She sat on the chaise lounge in the middle of the room and lit a cigarette before laying back and blowing smoke rings into the air above her. A few minutes passed and she smashed the spent cigarette into the ashtray beside her and then stood, looking into the floor length mirror she had installed a few years back.
She sighed softly as her hands drifted down her sides, further south over her hips. Slowly losing herself in her own mind,her hands traipsed everywhere… Touching and feeling, caressing and dancing across her own skin.
It’s exactly what she had converted this room for, after all. The little room off of her own bedroom; the room with cameras mounted all around her, with each feeding a data stream into different computers in the closet. She had designed the setup to catch every angle… Her face, her ass, everything; all captured in 1080p and saved for her to play with later.
She walked forward to the mirror and ran her hand over the corner then stepped back as it slid into a track in the wall, revealing her toy collection. The bright tones, translucent glass, and metal all lay there waiting. She ran her hands over her favorite large butt plug, then tossed it back onto the lounge a few feet behind her. 
“That will work nicely… but it won’t be enough on it’s own..” Erica spoke to herself.
She then tossed her wand vibe and an extension cord back to where she planned to play, before grabbing the big diamond patterned steel chest from the bottom-most rack and carrying it to the chaise. She plugged the short extension cord into the wall before plugging her wand into it, and then set about opening the steel case.
From it, she pulled her sex machine and its cord, setting them on the floor in front of the plushy little sofa. She worked quickly, adjusting the angle of the arm to be just an inch or so above the cushioning of the seat. She also adjusted the stroke length so it would stroke just deep enough to make her squeal.
She turned the power knob and the little motor inside the case whirred to life, the shaft that worked the dildo back and forth started thrusting, and the thick cock she had chosen for herself flailed in the open air. After she glanced over the whole setup, she turned it off and then very calmly looked into camera and microphone array directly above her head.
“Begin recording 1080p from all inputs in 30 seconds.” She told the system.
The tower in the corner beeped twice, letting her know the command had been both heard and input. The lights mounted in the wall suddenly surged with brightness… She grabbed the wand and laid back on the couch.
Her hands started slipping over her body just as soon as she laid the powerful stick between her thighs. She teased the pads of her fingers from just behind her knees, up and over her thighs. Goosebumps rippled over the landscape of her plump body as her fingers drifted through the dense hair just above her pussy, and she shivered as a cold chill racked her body.
Continuing north, her hands delicately touched and squeezed; her nipples contracted and grew hard as she drew ever closer to them. Within a few minutes, her hands were cupping her breasts. Lightly kneading the flesh, tracing over the scars left from her breast reduction. 
Her head was already thrown back in pleasure as both nipples got their first bit of attention.. She pursed her lips and exhaled slowly, so slowly she thought she would die before she took another breath.
“Fuck…..” Erica moaned.

She tugged hard at her nipples, then rolled onto her side to grab the steel plug gleaming beside the couch in the bright lights. The metal was cold and heavy, and it was headed for her ass in a hurry.
With one hand she flipped the top of the lube bottle open, squirting some on the toy before she pressed it between her ass cheeks. Slowly, the toy slipped closer and closer to her tight puckered hole. A loud gasp flew from her throat as the frigid metal met her back door… Erica paused for a second before sliding it back and forth. 
As she worked up the courage to push the toy in, she just kept gliding it over her hole… Then finally she took a deep breath, bore down… and pushed. The plug slipped easily into her ass, much easier than it had when she first bought it.
Sitting up, Erica felt the plug rock forward inside her; it’s heaviness fell against her g-spot through her walls and she shuddered softly. She gyrated her hips against the crushed velvet of the couch for a second, feeling soft plushy fabric slip over her lips. She grabbed the wand and stood just a bit, turning it on low; then Erica lowered her plump pussy onto the buzzing head.
She sat there for moment, just letting the vibrations jolt her body into overdrive.
“Ahhhhh….” Erica sighed.
As the sensations filled her body, she relaxed back on the chaise and spread her legs as wide as she could. One hand drifted up to tug at her nipples as the other grabbed the handle to the wand and slid it up so that it was smashed against her swollen button. She sat like that for what felt like forever… Her hips bucking slightly to slam her puffy clit against the head over and over.
“Fuckkkk….” She shrieked, her abs tensing up as her body flew closer and closer to orgasm.
Grinding the wand down hard against her pussy, Erica rocked forward and her mouth dropped open as the first of several strong waves of bliss shook her to her core. Each crest in sensation flew up and through her body quickly, only to be met by another wave just as sweet. Her toes curled down against her feet hard, so hard they cramped and she just screamed in beautiful agony as the head of the wand relentlessly buzzed her clit.
Erica’s eyes slammed shut, but the cameras rolled on… Catching all of her. They caught the little rivulet of girl cum running from her pussy onto the cushion below her, the glint of the steel handle hanging from her greedy ass, even the little bead of sweat caught in her furrowed brow as her body contorted in the sweetest of spasms. A few fleeting moments later her body went completely limp and the wand fell to the floor.

She opened her eyes slowly 10 minutes later to the sound of the big wand buzzing away on the floor beside her; bouncing around on the wood like a fish out of water. Quickly, she reached down and turned it off before laying  back again.
Her hand slipped between her thighs and she traced a finger up the cleft of her lips, where her sweet nectar let it slip in effortlessly. Lazily she fingered herself for a bit, just feeling herself again. Erica’s pussy was still quite flooded from before, and each little thrust of her hand made a delightful squishing noise. Before long her hand was vigorously pounding in and out, her fingers curled up to bump her g-spot each time.
“Mmmmm…” Erica moaned, words escaping her in her current state.
She scooted to the end of the chaise lounge where she had set up the fucking machine and moved her ass right to the edge of the cushion and spread her lips wide with one hand; The other grabbed for the dildo attached to the robo-fucker on the floor before her. She put the head just against her opening and grabbed the control before laying back and turning it on to the lowest speed.
The piston pushed the bright toy ever so slowly into her, its length disappearing deep inside… Erica pulled her feet up so her pussy was opened as wide as possible and just lounged back. At a very leisurely pace, the machine stroked into her repeatedly; bouncing at the end of every thrust. 
“Ohhhh… Yes!” She growled, spinning the speed dial up a bit.
The engine picked up pace, pounding the long, thick dildo deep into her hungry pussy. It didn’t grow tired, its abs never cramped… It just kept rolling through. Time after time, it pushed all the way into her; each push stretching her lips and bumping against her nub. 
She loved the machine… Not in the way one loves another person, but much in the same way a man would love his car. It was always ready for her; always ready to take her for a long hard ride with no complaints. Propping herself up on her elbows, she looked down at the rod plowing the dong into her body and sighed an almost silent little sigh.
Her pussy was so beautiful in that moment, spread open and full of hard silicone. Her puffy lips wrapping around the shaft of the big toy and taking it all, swallowing it up effortlessly. The little veins on the toy rippled her flesh outwards with each thrust… Her wetness made the toy gleam under the bright light coming from the ceiling.
Erica turned the little knob on the control box up yet again and the machine started hammering into her. Hard and fast, it sawed the dildo deep inside her waiting pussy. Her elbows slipped out from under her as she reached for her nipples and started rubbing them furiously, her cunt screaming from the brutal fucking the  piston was giving her. Each and every stroke was almost too much as the bright rod plunged into her body; she gritted her teeth and scooted down even further onto the shaft as it drilled away at her swollen, wet snatch.
Erica was gone again, replaced by a pleasure fiend taking a blisteringly fast fucking from a machine that never gave up. Her scent filled the room as the sweet juice of her pussy was churned into a frothy thick cream around the base of the dildo; she was moaning and writhing in pleasure as her box was stuffed to its limits over and over again. 
Suddenly, she squeezed down hard on her nipples and her back arched up. Every muscle in Erica’s body was trembling as a gush of liquid ran from her pussy and she wailed in wanton pleasure. The sound of the machine grew sloppy in the new wetness… No matter though, as it drove in and out of her body for what seemed like forever, coaxing quaking orgasm after quaking orgasm from her body.
Erica screamed something unintelligible and smashed the emergency stop button before sitting up and pushing the machine away from the little lounger. She had one last thing on her mind, and she felt ready.
“Pause recording.” Erica told the computer system, before standing on her wobbly, orgasm drained legs.
As she slowly regained her bearing, she walked out of the room and headed to the kitchen. She grabbed a carton of coconut water out of the fridge and took a few big gulps, holding the container against her bare, flushed breasts between swallows. She took a final swig and screwed the lid back on before tossing it back in the refrigerator, and then headed back to her little den of indulgences.
She pushed the fucking machine out a bit from the chaise lounge, then adjusted it for slightly longer strokes than it had been making before. Once she was satisfied with the stroke length, she angled the long piston down a tiny nudge lower than it had been. 
“Resume recording in 10 seconds” Erica spoke once more to the computer system, pausing to listen for the beeps.
Getting down on her knees before the piston, she reached back and tugged the big, shiny, steel plug from her bottom slowly. She felt so empty, but also ready… Yes, she was ready for the dildo on the end of the piston to plunge in and out of her ass. Quickly, she smeared a generous puddle of lube over the dildo and then another puddle on her relaxed hole.
Erica’s arm flailed back behind her body searching for the shaft and when she finally found it she pulled the whole machine up closer to her body, positioning the head on the big dong against her loosened butthole. Yet again, she grabbed the control and turned the dial ever so slightly… The machine lurched to life again and sank the dildo deep into her ass….
Hopefully you enjoyed… Maybe I’ll finish it sometime soon! Let me hear your thoughts in the comments, and give it a share if you think it worthy!

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  1. Pete James

    Holyyyy so vivid and glorious in my mind!! The whole room setup with smart cameras alone is a big turn on for me! If only I could make a room like that for my lady and watch her enjoy herself….First for me of coming across a story with a fuck machine…More PLEASE!

  2. dolljunction

    I couldn’t wait a second to meet my partner after reading this post. And another way that we can enjoy is to read a part of the post and doing a practical version of it in the bed. Hopefully you will post more this kind of post in the future.

    • Mr. Will

      The feedback to my erotica is so rare, I often end up leaving ideas untouched. I still think a lot about stuff, but don’t write much. Maybe I should? Thanks for the input!

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