Incredible Sex Stool Ultra by Pipedreams Review

Sex Stool Front View

I was absolutely thrilled when I came home and my package from Pipedream Products was here. It was a HUGE heavy box, and I wasn’t sure what was inside it so I hurried to my room and opened it up. I was floored. Pipedream Products had sent me the Fetish Fantasy Incredible Sex Stool Ultra!

I had been dreaming about buying a sex stool for years… at least since I was a freshman in college, and had seen one in a gag trip to the porn shop with all of my guy friends. They all bought weird porn to make fun of, I bought 2 toys and 3 pornos.

What you are here for: The Sex Stool Review

Sex Stool Front View

First things first, I have to tell you that I received the stool in exchange for a completely unbiased review. Regardless of this, I recommend doing your research on products (especially big, expensive products such as this) before purchase.

Now, we can get to the fun stuff!

The things this sex stool can be used for:

The Fetish Fantasy Incredible Sex Stool Ultra is an all around great piece of sex furniture! It can be used for eating pussy, solo riding, rimming, doggy style support, and to hold the receptive partner up so that the penetrating partner can really pound that pussy or ass.(Also: It can be used as a laptop stand, or a chair for just sitting to put your shoes on… I’d remove the dildo first though!)



The sex stool is fairly straight forward to put together, but it can seem overwhelming. It starts out as 4 pieces of the metal frame,  4 bolts, 2 clear seat straps, and 1 dildo harness strap

I started by putting one side of the base into both “seat” portions of the frame, so I would have some support for sliding the straps on.

Next, I slid the straps on to the frame: Remember, you want to go clear, black, clear.

Then (and it was a pretty good fight) I popped the other base piece into place, and tightened all 4 bolts down.

Sideview Of Sex Stool, Assembled

To disassemble, just reverse the process. It was at this point that I realized that the dildo harness strap needed a quicker way to put it on and take it off, as opposed to having to take everything apart.

Size Info/Weight Rating:

The seat sits over 18 inches from the floor, and the legs are over 24 inches at their widest. I had no problems getting under this thing just to check it out.

I’m a large man, as  you may have noticed in my other posts. The Incredible Sex Stool Ultra is rated to hold UP TO 300 pounds, but I weigh more than that and didn’t have issues with it at all (and I got pretty crazy with it). I do caution you to use it at your own risk though if you are over the manufacturer weight limit.

What I love about the Incredible Sex Stool Ultra:

It makes solo play possible for me for longer than my arms can handle.

I can only imagine at the moment, but as much as I love eating pussy… I just have to think that this thing would be AMAZING to kick back under with hot wet pussy right in my face… but still be able to breathe and see and not strain my neck trying to lick deeper.

My laptop doesn’t burn my stomach while I’m laying in bed anymore (Yes, I use the sex stool for my laptop.. more hands for jacking off, so it counts!).

Doggy Style Support. (‘Nuff Said)

What I Don’t Like/What Needs Work:

The dildo harness seat strap should have a quick removal and attachment method, instead of having to tear the whole thing down.

The actual o-ring isn’t removable or changeable, and only one point of the “harness” set up snaps loose… changing dildos is a huge ordeal. You can almost forget about it if your dildo of choice has balls on it.


The clear straps that make up the actual “seat” can dig into delicate flesh, and the product as a whole would look more sophisticated if they matched the dildo harness strap.

The dildo that came with the set up is more or less a place holder.dildo

It isn’t very good quality  (It’s some sort of plastic-y material over what appears to be packing foam, with a suction cup glued to the bottom of it), but I assume most that would purchase something like this probably already have a dildo of choice waiting at home

Overall Opinion:

The Fetish Fantasy Incredible Sex Stool Ultra by Pipedream Products is a pretty great product, and certainly served me well. That being said, there is room for improvement. As it stands, I would give the Fetish Fantasy Incredible Sex Stool Ultra a solid 4 stars, and if they worked a little to refine it it could certainly be a standout piece of sex furniture! The seat straps didn’t sag as I expected they would, and it held up well even to my use.

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  1. pottersproperty

    Thanks for the review! I thought about getting the version without the dildo area a while ago and never ended up purchasing it. I’m glad this is working well for you, and agree that some improvements could be made, but seems nice overall.

  2. Wicked Wahine

    I had to LOL when I read about the laptop use, I was already imagining it as my laptop was just now getting too hot on my chest as I lie in bed, as usual! Oh, I can well imagine the usefulness of hands free for the toys and the computer right over me, just perfect! But, I really have been looking at these types of seats and figured the only missing thing was a toy holder, as unfortunately, I have no partner to take advantage of all the fun with it, (though hope springs eternal on that!) I agree, your suggestions would make a lot of sense and certainly improve things. I’m glad you let us know it will hold up to more weight than stated. You never know what kinkiness Mr Will can get up to, so it’s not out of the question to have two ladies crammed on it at once, easily going over the weight “limit” and of course my full figure may some day be bigger!

    Looking at it, I would say it should be fairly easy to customize with snaps for quick release, or a different attachment system to accommodate different dildos with balls, for example. If you do tweak this, please let us know what worked, or didn’t work. Thanks for the great review!

  3. Camryn Jones (@RynJ21)

    I’m thinking of getting myself something to ride and I remembered this review. This is a viable option but I’m thinking I’ll need something that makes it easier to exchange toys.
    That “placeholder dildo” made me laugh so hard I snorted. It’s like they put a rubber condom over a styrafoam cock *laughs*

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