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Curious about escorts? Read on! (Image adapted from In Salon of Rue des Moulins by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec)

Curious about escorts? Read on! (Image adapted from In Salon of Rue des Moulins by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec)

The way most transactions take place in any industry has started to slide to digital means, and that’s no surprise. It’s just easier to look around online and to see the product, service, or person you are interested in. It also helps a lot to be able to see reviews of that product, service or person.

Sex work and sex products? Certainly no different. This site alone is testament to the fact that most folks are looking online for more information about sexual products, but it doesn’t stop there. Sex workers of all types rapidly grasped the opportunities that the internet made available to them, and escorts are no different.

How Do Escorts & Escort Services Work Online?

Just like purchasing any other service or product off of the internet really. Major sites serving the US include sites such as (US) with simple set ups where interested parties can just browse and contact the escort of their choice by e-mail, text message, or phone call.

Slixa (US) require you to sign up to access escort’s profiles but has more escorts that have made escorting a profession as opposed to a way to supplement one’s income and offer more expensive (and often more complicated) packages.

In the UK, there are tons of sites that offer the same style of listings as Slixa. Babes Of London Escorts, for instance, has listings that are set up to be easily sortable based on one’s area with stunning pictures of the escorts available. Babes of London even has a frequently asked questions page for interested patrons to better understand things ahead of time. In addition, many of the Babes Of London escorts are members of the International Union Of Sex Workers, which aims to both remove the stigma around sex work and to also make all manners of sex work safer.

One feature I found particularly interesting about Babes of London is their page of erotica teasers (which try to push escorts, in the end… It’s a business!) that serve to whet patron’s appetite for a night on the town (or not) with the escort of their choice.

How Much Does An Escort Cost?

Each escort or escort agency is going to set their costs individually, as each person or agency will offer different things. One might offer their time in 1hr blocks where another only offers 12hr blocks and yet another may only offer several days at a time. There really is no way to say for sure what you’ll pay until you’ve negotiated for an escort’s time.

How Should You Act With An Escort?

While starting the process of hiring an escort and paying for one’s time is the same as hopping online and paying for an inanimate object or some sort of streaming service, the etiquette you should use is entirely different. Remember that even though you are paying someone for their time, they are still a human and still deserve respect. No matter what amount of time you’ve negotiated for, the escort you choose still has emotions and rights. Do not treat them like dirt.

Is Sex Included When I Hire An Escort?

No. Sex is never something guaranteed when you hire an escort. You are paying a person for their time and companionship when you hire them as an escort, and any activities that happen between the two of you after that are entirely up to you.

What Can An Escort Legally Do?

An escort can do anything that is otherwise legal with you. You are paying for their company, not for any specific activities. If your escort happens to be up for sex during the time that you’ve paid for, that’s fine. It isn’t okay, however, to pay the escort specifically for sex which is illegal in many places.

To be perfectly clear on what you can and can’t do with an escort, you should check the laws in your area around both escorting and prostitution. By definition, escorting and prostitution are different services, but some locales have statutory overlap (or laws that can be twisted to prosecute an escort under prostitution laws).

Escorts: In Conclusion

In nearly every developed country on Earth, and even some that aren’t so developed, there are ways to hire an escort to accompany you out or just to hang out and keep you occupied wherever you may be. Laws vary and prices for time vary, but the respect escorts deserve does not. Whether you are curious or dead set on spending some time with an escort… Take your time, do your research, and be a decent human being to any escort you come in contact with! If you’ve spent time with an escort or are curious, let me know in the comments!

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  1. Elizabeth

    I love that you wrote about this. Too often this part of the world is glossed over, ignored, or we pretend it doesn’t exist. Even in the sex positive world its difficult to find reliable, accurate, and approachable information. Thank you for taking this topic and laying it out with this basic (and often misunderstood) information.

    • Mr. Will

      Thanks for checking it out and letting me know what you think! I just know it’s something I’ve personally heard people get confused about and I wanted to talk on it!

  2. Camryn

    Nifty post, and a topic that needs talking about. Most people seem to misunderstand what it is that escorts do, which causes issues for all parties involved.

  3. Heaven

    I have members of mines who tell me they have been with a escort, I always ask them how they come about grabbing someone and when they tell me I am shocked. But even one of the cam sites I am on have them on there. Nothing is shocking to me these days.

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