Confession Box

Oh just a fun little idea… You send an anonymous message to me with your confession. I turn it into a slide, and it goes in a slideshow here. Get it out!

Leave an anonymous comment (delete all of your info from the boxes first, or I will know who submitted it… in which case I will still post it as being from an anonymous confessor) below to join in. I’ll get it up within a day or so, and no one will ever see who it was from.

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  1. Wicked Wahine

    How did I miss this section? This is fabulous, we need to get more people posting here. Maybe a contest of some sort to call attention to this feature? How about something like either a random giveaway froom all entries received, or a giveaway for every 10th entry, something like that?

  2. Wicked Wahine

    Yeah, obviously you would have to figure out a way to protect their anonymity, but if they knew their comment wasn’t linked to their entry, then perhaps people would be willing to enter. Some wouldn’t, but still might just post. Hey, anyone else have any ideas to get more people posting in this confessional section?

  3. Anonymous

    I love it when my wife makes me do dirty things, but it takes some of the fun out of it when I have to ask her to do it.

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