Colt Jumbo Butt Plug Probe Review

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This is an artistic (read: filtered in a graphics program) picture, mainly because… I can.

I’ve kept my distance from Colt products (Colt is a subsidiary of California Exotics) because a lot of the Colt sex toys aren’t necessarily made of safe materials. All along, I’ve said that I’d give anything I could safely use a shot… The Colt Jumbo Butt Plug Probe (super long name is super long) is made of silicone, so here we are. As per usual, this review is in exchange for the product and in compliance with FTC regulations is unbiased. Thanks, Lovehoney!
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Colt Jumbo Butt Plug Probe Details

I annoy the hell out of myself when I do the whole “What is it” thing, and it’s clearly in the product name… So.. yeah. The Colt Jumbo Butt Plug Probe is a huge (filled) hunk of silicone, meaning it’s safe for you to use internally without worrying about being filled with phthalates.

Colt Jumbo Butt Plug Probe Size Info:

  • Length: 9 inches
  • Insertable Length: 8.5 inches
  • Circumference: 8 inches
  • Base diameter: 3.5
  • Largest Insertable Diameter: 2.54 inches

This Colt plug is gargantuan. It is the largest plug I’ve personally encountered (and holy fuck, I didn’t realize it was that thick until I did the conversion just now). For comparison:

That's the Colt probe next to Tantus Ringo, which is a huge plug anyway.

That’s the Colt probe next to Tantus Ringo, which is a huge plug anyway.

Colt Jumbo Probe Care Info:

Cleaning The Colt Jumbo Probe

The whole outer portion of the toy is silicone, so most of your silicone cleaning methods apply here (dishwasher, toy cleaner, soap and water, 10% bleach solution). I’d steer clear of boiling it though, as I have no idea what the core is made of and boiling it could prove to be problematic. I’m also not sure what type of glue this is:


Lube Options For The Colt Butt Plug Ginormo 3000

It’s silicone, so… yeah. Oil based lubes are wonderful, water based lubes are wonderful and more versatile. I did smear a generous glob of Please Cream lube on the behemoth though (it’s got dimethicone in it, which is a big component of silicone lubes and didn’t have a problem), so you may be alright using silicone lube with it. Just spot check first, ‘kay?

Storing The Colt Mega Jumbo Ass Annihilator

Do I have to figure everything out? It’s big. Find a big place and hide it there.
(You can blame Die Antwoord for the fucks that aren’t being given here.)

My Experience With The Colt Jumbo Butt Plug Probe

First Impression With The Colt Jumbo Butt Buster X-Treme:

HOLY BALLS, BATMAN! That's huge!

HOLY BALLS, BATMAN! That’s huge!

Other than the shock when I realized how incredibly big this thing is, there was the part where I was amazed at how soft the silicone feels. I don’t know if the core is made of some super-squishtastic shit or what, but the base (where the material can be squeezed without the core inbetwixt one’s fingers) is firmer. It’s definitely the core lending some squish to the outside. It should also be noted that the “suction cup” base isn’t very effective as a suction cup, so I’m not even giving that billing as a feature.

Actually Using The Colt Jumbo Probilator

Like I said, I used a glob of Please Cream lube (after some warm up with other toys) and set about a serious play session with this new Colt plug. Since I was quite warmed up, taking the first bulge was no great challenge. As that first bulge slipped inside, I felt full… I also knew that a large amount of toy was still waiting to enter me.

The distance between the “head” bulge and the bulge further down wasn’t a problem either. The surface of the probe/plug is smooth and with the amount of lube I had used it was more of a glide action than anything. As I neared the second bulge though, things started slowing down. You see, my butt on it’s best day with a slim toy can only handle 7 or 8 inches max. The second bulge on the Colt Jumbo Butt Plug Probe seems to sit right at the far end of my limits, as I could get to it but even after some effort to get it in, it just wasn’t happening. I’m certain this was because of my internal layout and not because of the diameter of the plug.

Regardless of taking the second bulge, I can definitely say that the feeling this plug gave me while inside was amazing. Every little move was amplified inside and I came damn hard with a bit of cock stimulation.

Overall Opinion Of The Colt Jumbo Butt Plug Probe

It's not the best plug I've encountered, but it's definitely not the worst.

All things considered, I think the Colt Jumbo Butt Plug Probe is decent. I’m curious as to what’s inside but so long as the base stays sealed entirely I’ll be leaving it alone. It’ll definitely fill you up, and if you can handle the length I salute you! At $48.99, it’s fairly cheap for a large as it is and could be a great option for those looking to play with large toys made of safe materials but that can’t necessarily afford solid silicone products like Tantus or Square Peg.

Go grab a Colt Jumbo Butt Plug Probe here!

The Breakdown

Material (Silicone with mystery core, but completely sealed)
Texture (Matte finish, no texture to speak of)
Appearance (It's a plain butt toy!)

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  1. Lunabelle

    I also own the Colt Colossal Juggernaut Ass-Blaster of Doom, though I have repurposed it as the Colt Superbulge Giganta-Dildo. It’s affordable (especially during Lovehoney sales), has a nice bit of give and is a surprisingly good option for girth fans who also happen to be vagina owners. My ass, on the other hand, is terrified. 🙂

  2. RynJ21

    “Ginormo 3000” I laughed so hard I snorted. Its length, big base, and Lunabelle’s comment make me think of it more as a dildo than a plug, though I’d still use it anally. Sounds like a cheap dual density toy, which is intriguing.

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